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i wanted a place to post my memories that was completely my own, and relatively private, all things considered. so i grabbed a base template and made this page.

i think most of what i remember is technically after i was prussia, when i was east germany. that's most of what i have written down, anyway. each time period will get its own section, for the sake of organization.

this is very much a work in progress.

notes on the memories

i subscribe to the ideas presented in "the things they carried": there is truth to my memories, but no one can ever experience them in the same way that i did. so i try and offer the essence, the feelings behind the experience, rather than the experience itself. it's all "truer than the truth", as tim o'brien puts it. it doesn't negate the truth by any means, but stands alongside it and enhances it.

my memories may or may not also include endnotes with any applicable historical references; as of right now, this only applies to my time as east germany.


gil is the only name i'm using here. i'm 22, and use he/they pronouns.


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