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nothing on my tongue but hallelujah

this page adapts memories/notes based on a fairly lengthy playlist, with each chunk of playlist symbolizing a specific period of time and/or specific relationships i had with others. the playlist can be found below.

formation of the teutonic knights ("church", "somedays (i don't feel like trying)")

interactions with holy rome & austria ("i don't want to lose you", "between the wars", "meet me on the battlefield")

war never changes ("heroes fall", "the kids aren't alright", "body", "this empty northern hemisphere", "you haunt me")

i measure every grief i meet ("let it all go", "i love you", "slow dancing in the dark")

give me hope in silence ("break my heart again", "ashes", "waves", "i'll keep you safe", "upstairs room", "holy ground", "i'll be good", "hymn 21")

i lost two cities, lovely ones ("collide", "start a war", "when it's all over", "who will save you now")

and, vaster, some realms i owned, two rivers, a continent ("hallelujah", "give me something", "pure narcotic")

through centuries of nerve ("living water", "immortalized", "tearing us apart")

there's grief of want - and grief of cold ("sense of home", "quiet eyes")

i wonder if it hurts to live ("foreign hands", "are you with me", "where are we now?")

and if they have to try ("still here", "reality", "wide eyed", "oblivion")


gil is the only name i'm using here. i'm 21, and use he/they pronouns.


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